Q. How long the food can be left in the cutlery?
A. The food hot or cold can be left in the container for about an hour and hence the cutlery gets riped and soaked enough for eating once the food is consumed.

Q. Can we reuse the cutlery?
A. No, this is one time use and consumed immediately after eating the food in it.

Q. What is the shelf life of the products?
A. If, stored in cool and dry place and stored in air tight container, it can be preserved upto 1 ½ to 2 Years.

Q. What are the Benefits of this Product usage?
A. Highly nutritious, lab tested for its nutritional value and zero waste, water is conserved since there is no washing, Bio degradable if a person does not want to eat it. Once it is thrown, it dissolved in water and becomes manure over a period.

Q. Why this price?
A. It is all made from genuine good healthy components and prepared hygienically. The nutritional value proves it all and even one spoon a day probably will keep the doctor away in terms of sufficing to the need of day-today nutritional supplement need. The prices are ex-factory and transport and extra packing for a long distance courier is EXTRA at actual.

Q. Is it not hard to just eat it like that?
A. The intent of this is to act as the vessel or cutlery upto the time of your consumption of food which is inside that, for both hot and cold as well as for liquid food types.

Q. How does the packing be?
A. Usually the packing is only to suffice the number of items (minimum number mentioned) of a particular type and will be packed in bulk. However if any specifications of packing or any number for a customised order, then it needs to be mentioned in the order comment line. The price might vary if in case it involves any extra material for packing or for packaging.